Starlight Tattoo Services

Starlight Tattoo offers it's customers a superior experience in tattooing and piercing. See below for more information on our services avaiable.

You must fill out the Medical Disclousure and Release Form before getting a tattoo or piercing. You must be 18 or older to get a tattoo or piercing.

Professional Tattoo Services

TattooStarlight Tattoo offers our customers a superior experience in tattooing. Whether it's your first tattoo or you are a seasoned collector with tattoo pieces that span your body we customize our approach with each client. You are in control of the tattoo as we guide you through the planning process and come up with a design that is exactly what you imagined. Safety, cleanliness, and cutting edge tattoo art are our top priorities and it shows in the end results of our tattoos. Check out our list of tattoo artists today or our tattoo ideas page to help find some inspiration.

Professional Piercing Services

PiercingStarlight Tattoo has been a leader in piercing applications for body art across the world. With some of the most highly trained body piercing artists in the world you can be confident you'll be receiving the best quality service. Our selection of jewelry and high standards for safety allow us to complete almost any piercing you can imagine. Learn more about our piercing artists or stop in today to discuss your next piercing.

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